Southampton Cemetery Graves with Special Markers


Inscriptions of Marked Graves in the Center Cemetery,  and West Part Cemetery*
(As more graves are marked, this list will be updated)

S. A. R. – Sons of the American Revolution

G. A. R. – Grand Army of the Republic

D. A. R. – Daughter of the American Revolution

Center Cemetery graves with special markers

First Section  – First Row – South side of Cemetery (Front to Back)

  1. Susan A. Wood – Apr. 24, 1820-July 1, 1904 (Has a D.A.R. Real Daughter Marker)
  2. Lieut. Sam’l F. Edwards (G.A.R. Marker 52nd Reg’t. M. F. V. Veteran ’61-’65 – Oct. 1, 1841-Nov. 20, 1920
  3. George W. Cripps, Mem. of Co. G. 124 Reg’t. N.Y. Vol. (G. A. R. Marker) – May 10, 1856-Mar. 27, 1909

Second Section – Front to Back

  1. In Memory of Stephen Bates (S.A.R. Marker) Died Apr. 26, 1844 ae 79 years.
  2. Mr. Bela Bates (S. A. R. Marker) Died April 23, 1789, in the 95th year of his age.
  3. Mr. Aaron Bates (S. A. R. Marker) Died March 6, 1815 ae 87 yrs.
  4. Mr. Paul Sheldon (S. A. R. Marker) Died Apr. 19, 1791 aged 44 years.
  5. Anson B. Norton (G. A. R. Marker) Corp. Co. K. 53 Regt. Mass. Vol. Born Mar. 9, 1837 Died at Bayou Beouff La. Apr. 19, 1863.
  6. Isaac Norton (S. A. R. Marker) Died July 11, 1823 ae 77 yrs.

Second Section – Fourth Row – North to South

  1. Mr. Gad Clark ( S. A. R. Marker) Died Oct. 22, Ad. 1777 aged 35 year

Second Section – Eighth Row – North to South

  1. Lt. Elisha Bascom (S. A. R. Marker) who died at Ticonderoga in the service of his country 18 Sept. 1776 in the 38th year of his age
  2. Almon A Spooner (G. A. R. Marker) Died Mar. 26, 1878 aged 44 years

Second Section – Eleventh Row – North to South

  1. Dwight S. Bartlett son of Samuel P. and Rhoda Bartlett (G. A. R. Marker) Died Dec. 29, 1861 ae 25 years
  2. John Woodruff (G. A. R. Marker)
  3. Albert H. Strong Son of Stephen and Rebecca Strong.  Died at Bayou Beouf, La. Apr. 17, 1863, aged 22.   A member of 52 Regt. M. V. M. (G. A. R. Marker by Geo. C. Strong (Post 166.)
  4. Gardiner Fowles, Mem. Co. B. 31st Regt. M. V. Inf. G. A. Marker) 1828-1914
  5. Noah Lyman, Son of Deacon Elias and Mrs. Ann Lyman, Died Jan. 2d A. D. 1776 in the 24th of his age (S. A. R. Marker)
  6. Deacon Elias Lyman, ( S. A. R. Marker) Died Feb. 18, 1803 in the 88th year of his age
  7. William M. Kingsley ( G. A. R. Marker) Fell in the Battle of Spotsylvania, May 12, 1864 aged 31. He fell like a martyr, He died at his post.

Third Section  (From the front of the Cemetery to the back, between two driveways)

  1. Daniel W. Bates ( G. A. R. Marker) 1840-1916
  2. Capt. Jonathan Stearns Died Apr. 16, 1830 Aged 85

Third Section – Second Row – North to South

  1. Edwin A. Atkins (G. A. Marker) Served in 1st Conn. Calvary 1862-1865  1832-1914
  2. Clap (S. A. R. Marker) Rest illegible (Peres(?))

Third Section – Fifth Row – North to South

  1. Mr. Luther Edwards ( S. A. R. Marker) Died May 10, 1834 ae 78

Third Section – Sixth Row – North to South

  1. Deacon Elisha Edwards ( S. A.R.  Marker) Died Nov. 17, 1832 ae 74

Third Section – Ninth Row – North to South

  1. Frederick Judd Esq. (S. A. R. Marker) Born Jan. 30, 1760 – Died May 23, 1840

Third Section – Twelth Row – North to South

  1. Flavel K. Sheldon (G. A. R. Marker) 1st Lieut. Co. 37th Regt. Mass. Vol. Died Nov 24, 1909 ae 78

Third Section – Thirteenth Row

  1. Joseph W. Powers ( G. A. R. Marker) Died Feb. 24, 1898 ae 73 yrs. 9 mos. 29 days
  2. George King Edwards (G. A. R. Marker)
  3. Henry A. Searle ( G. A. R. Marker) Dec. 21, 1841-Dec. 2, 1908 A member of Co. D. 37th Reg’t. Mass. Vol.

Fouth Section

Soldiers’ Monument

“Died for their country.

Erected by the town and Hon. S. C. Pomeroy in grateful remembrance of the patriotic and brave volunteers of Southampton whose lives were sacrificed in defence of Libery and Union during the great Rebellion.”


Side-Left of Face

  1. Perry M Coleman, Killed at Fair Oaks, Va.
  2. Sergt. Phineas F. Knight at Chantilly, Va.
  3. Hiram Spooner at Cold Harbor, Va.
  4. George C. Clark in the Wilderness
  5. George M. Woolcott in the Wilderness
  6. John S. Hyde in the Wilderness
  7. Corporal William M. Kinglsley at Spottsylvania, Va.

Side-Right of Face

  1. Corp. Anson B. Norton
  2. Albert H. Strong, Died at Bayou Beouf, La.
  3. Rufus W. Robinson at Andersonville, Ga.
  4. Rufus A. Street
  5. Marcus E. Lyon at New Orleans, La.
  6. Jeremiah M. Johnson
  7. Edwin C. Parsons at Baton Rouge, La.
  8. Corp. Hiram A. Eaton

Reverse Side

  1. Charles M. Searle, Killed near Richmond, Va.
  2. Corp. Charles T. Eggleston at Petersburg, Va.
  3. Lewis F. Swint, 3rd A. E. U. S. N. Died at S. Hampton
  4. Alonzo A. Lyman at Augusta, Ga.
  5. Frederick D. Simpson at Washington, D. C.
  6. Chauncey Hendrick
  7. John Quinn

Fouth Section – Fifth Row – North to South

1.Mr. Aaron Strong who was killed by the enemy at Bemas Heights 16th Oct. 1777 aged 41 years. ( S. A. Marker)

Fouth Section – Eight Row – North to South

  1. Lieut. Samuel Coleman (S. A. R. Marker) Died May 27, 1832 ae 77 

Fouth Section – Fourteenth Row – North to South

  1. Oliver Clark (S. A. R. Marker) Died Aug. 13, 1831 aged 89 years

Fouth Section – Sixteenth Row – North to South

  1. George G. Clark ( G. A. R. Marker) Killed in the Wilderness, Va.  May 6, 1854 ae 22 years

Fouth Section – Eighteenth Row – North to South

  1. Perry M. Coleman, son of Z. E. and A. B. Coleman, killed in Battle at Fair Oaks, Va. May 31, 1862 ae 22 yrs. (G. A. R. Marker)

Fouth Section – Twentieth Row – North to South

  1. Hiram Spooner ( G. A. R. Marker) Killed in battle June 2, 1864 ae 40

Fouth Section – Twentyfirst Row – North to South

  1. Lewis F. Swint of the U. S. Navy ( G. A. R. Marker) Died July 22, 1863 aged 22

Fouth Section – Twentythird Row – North to South

  1. Henry Francis Birge Aug. 3, 1838 – Jan. 7, 1920 (G. A. R. Marker – Alexander Hamilton Post 182 N. Y. H. F. Birge 46th Mass. Vols.)

Fouth Section – Twentyfourth Row – North to South

  1. Elihu S. Smith (G. A. R. Marker) Mem. Co. G. 27 Reg. M. V. M. Sept. 18, 1832 – Oct. 20, 1898

Fouth Section – Twentyfifth Row – North to South 

  1. Rufus A. Street (G. A. R. Marker) Son  of A. and D. Street, Member of Co. B. 31st Reg. Mass. Vol.  Died in the St. James Hospital at New Orleans Aug 31, 1862 and was buried in Cypress Grove Cemetery aged 23 yrs.
  2. Frank H. Blow – Pvt. Mass. 305 Inf. 72 Div. Aug. 2, 1939 (ae 48 – World War Veteran)

Fifth Section – Fouth Row 

  1. Lewis O. Frary (G. A. R. Marker) Sergt. Co. B. 31 Reg. Mass. Vol. Inf.  Oct. 4, 1838-Oct. 23, 1931

Fifth Section – Fifth Row

  1. Deacon David B. Phelps (G. A. R. Marker) Mem. Co. K. 52nd Regt. Mass. Vols.  Mar. 8, 1825 – Jan. 14, 1884

Fifth Section – Sixth Row

  1. Nathan A. Spooner (G. A. R. Marker ) Co. I. 52 Mass. Mil. (No dates)
  2. John S. Hyde (G. A. R. Marker) Killed at the Battle of the Wilderness May 6, 1864 aged 20 yrs. 9 mos.
  3. Edwin O. Hyde, Vet. (G. A. R. Marker) Born 1838; Died 1928

Fifth Section – Tenth Row

  1. Frederick J. Hughes ( G. A. R. Marker) Corp. Co. E. 11th Conn. Vols. 1848-1916

Fifth Section – Eleventh Row

  1. (An empty space over the grave of Gilbert M. Hall, with a G. A. R. Marker – no stone) He died in Southampton, Oct. 14, 1903 ae 76 yrs. 7 mo.
  2. Col. Elisha A. Edwards ( G. A. R. Marker) Co. B. 31st Regt. Mass. Vols.  Mar. 25, 1842 – Feb. 18 1898

Sixth Section – First Row

  1. John Henry Messenger (G. A. R. Marker)  Died Sept. 5, 1917 Aged 76 yrs. Mem. 21st and 17th Regts M. V. M.

Sixth Section – Second Row

  1. George M. Foley (G. A. R. Marker) Co. B. 10th Reg’t. Conn. Vols. Died Dec. 5, 1909 ae 72 yrs.

Sixth Section – Eight Row

  1. Lieut. Edward P. McClellan (G. A. R. Marker) U. S. Navy Born Dec. 19, 1846 – Died Sept. 24, 1890

Sixth Section – Fifteenth Row

  1. Gadductt (G. A. R. Marker) Mem. Co. H. 14th Reg’t. N. H. Vols.  Died Nov. 3, 1895 ae 75 yrs.

Seventh Section – Twelfth Row 

  1. George A. Sherman (World War Marker) Oct. 29, 1892 – Dec. 14, 1933

Eighth Setion – First Row

  1. Henry E. Lyman (Spanish War Marker) Me. Co. D. 10th U. S. Inf. 1871-1898

Eighth Section – Second Row

  1. Thomas Porter (G. A. R. Marker) Mem. Co. D. 37th Reg. M. V. M. Sept. 20, 1835- Sept. 22, 1913
  2. Edward M. Pettis (G. A. R. Marker) 1843-1919


West Part Cemetery graves with special markers

First Row (Front to back (South side)

  1. Ramsford Avery 1755-1846 (S. A. R. Marker)

Fouth Row

  1. Mr. Isaac Parsons who died Sept. 19, 1819 in the 74 year of his age (S. A. R. Marker)

Sixth Row

  1. Sacred to the Memory of Dea. Samuel Burt, who died June 7, 1822 aged 63 yrs. (S. A. R. Marker)
  2. In Memory of Noah Clark (S. A. R. Marker) Died May 23, 1844 ae 82 years

Ninth Row

  1. In Memory of Gad Pomeroy, who died Feb. 14, 1834 ae 75 yrs.


*Taken from “Tombstone Inscriptions of the Cemeteries of Southampton Massachusetts 1736-1940 “ – Compiled by Mrs. Max Lederer, Jr.  Southampton, Mass. 


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