Southampton at War

Below is a selection of photographs, excerpts from original sources and lists of further resources available at the  Library about the participation of the men and women of Southampton in the numerous wars throughout the history of the United States.   Some of the further resources cited below may only be viewed at the library.  Information about Southampton’s participation in the First, Second and other wars is available in document form and on flash drives  both of which may be viewed at the library.    We will be adding to this page as time permits.


The Revolutionary War Years

“The year 1773 was creeping toward an end, and war rumors were increasing.  The people were disturbed and confused.  They were beginning to believe that there would be a conflict.  The young men, especially, were at a loss to know where to turn, and Jonathan [Judd], a natural leader, felt that he must do something to help these boys to receive some military training.  He began by asking each one, individually, to choose the rank he would be happy to bear…”  From: Excerpts from Jonathon Judd, Jr. Diaries.

[From the article titled “Shadows of the Revolution in Southampton: Through the Diary of Jonathan Judd, Esquire” by Beula Bray, with assistance from Henry Healy, 1974.  Article taken from book “Southampton: Newtown on the Manhan” by William F. Czelusniak, et al, c.1975. p. 30-31.]

Further Resources in the Library

  1. The American Revolution – Allen C. Guelzo
  2. “Lafayette in the Somewhat United States” – Sarah Vowell, 1969-.
  3. “My Dearest Friend: Letters From Abigail and John Adams” – John Adams, 1735-1826.
  4. “Rough Crossings: Britain, the Slaves and the American Revolution” – Simon Schama.
  5. “Sons of the American Revolution”   (Ask your librarian.)
  6. “Songs and Ballads of the American Revolution”.   (Ask your librarian.)
  7. Before 1776: The Massachusetts Bay Colony from Founding to Revolution.
  8. Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War
  9. Massachusetts Society of the Sons of the American Revolution: Soldiers and Sailors whose Graves have been Designated by the Marker of the Society.
  10. Jonathan Judd, Jr. Diary Narrative –  Source: 2008 Springfield Technical Community College, P.O. Box 9000, Suite 1, Springfield, MA
  11. Revolutionary Soldiers of Southampton

The Civil War Years


Civil War
The Civil War
  1. Southampton Civil War Monument
  2. Bound newsprint copies of  New York Times  v.7-9, (1862-5) and  New York Semiweekly Times 1864-5. Includes news of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.   (Ask your librarian)
  3. Soldiers of the Civil War from or Attributed to Southampton  
  4. Southampton Independent Light Infantry Co. 1861

    Lt. Samuel F. Edwards
    Lt. Samuel E. Edwards
  5. Statistics – Southampton Men in the War of the Rebellion (Civil War) 1861-1865 – Compiled by Richard M. Frary  
  6. Samuel F. Edwards Letters and Photographs
  7. Recent Speeches and Addresses of Charles Sumner
  8. Anson B. Norton

Further Resources at the Library

    1. Record of the Massachusetts volunteers 1861-1865
    2. A Brave Black Regiment, History of the Fifty Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, 1863-1865.- Luis F. Emilio
    3. History of the Negro Troops in the War of the Rebellion 1861-1865 -George Washington Williams, 1849-1891
    4. History and Complete Roster of the Massachusetts Regiments Minute men of ’61 – George W. Nason,  1834-1913
    5. Fifth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in its Three Tours of Duty 1861, 1862-3,  1864 – Alfred S. Roe, 1844-1917
    6. History of Massachusetts in the Civil War  (2 volumes) -William Schouler, 1814-1872
    7. Battles and leaders of the Civil War being for the most part contributions by Union and Confederate officers… – Robert Underwood Johnson, 1853-1937
    8. Twenty-fourth Regiment Massachusetts volunteers 1861-1866 “The New England Guard Regiment” – Alfred S. Roe, 1844-1917
    9. History of the Fiftieth Regiment of infantry Massachusetts volunteer militia in the late War of the Rebellion – William B. Stevens, 1843
    10. History of the Mozart Regiment Fortieth N.Y. Infantry, which was composed of four companies from New York, four companies from Massachusetts and two companies from Pennsylvania – Frederick Clark Floyd, 1837-
    11. Southampton men in the War of the Rebellion (Civil War) 1861-1865 – Richard M. Frary


World War 1

  1. History of the Yankee Division 
  2. Report of the Commission on Massachusetts’ Part in the World War v.1
  3. Selections from Helen Judd Coleman Calendar Book – 1918
  4. An American Battery in France 
  5. The 55th Artillery in the American Expeditionary Forces, France, 1918

World War II


  1. Selections from Southampton Sentinel Newsletter
  2. Three Years and Three Days: a memoir of World War II     Excerpt  
  3. Five Years to the Day: Memories of World War II 1940-1946     Excerpts
  4. Memories of Easthampton WWII Veterans   Includes biographical notes of returning Veterans and lists of those killed in the war. 
  5. Edward Borucki – Pearl Harbor survivor
  6. Seeing the End of Two World Wars from Southampton

Other Wars

Korean War Veteran
A Memorial Day tribute to Southampton’s only casualty of the Korean War. Arthur B. Allan gave his life in August, 1950 while serving in the 555th Field Artillery. A marker is erected in Allan’s honor directly in front of the Southampton Memorial which honors veterans of World War I and II.
    1. Twelve Months with the Eighth Massachusetts Infantry in the Service of the United States (Spanish American War)
    2. Spanish American War –  Massachusetts Volunteer Aid Association – 1898 
    3. Attention servicemember – Ben Brody.     ( Afghanistan War)
    4. Home from war, with new resolve (Persian Gulf War)

Below is a report from the Women’s Committee on Supplies of Massachusetts Volunteer Aid Association listing the supplies sent to soldiers of the Spanish American War from June 3, 1898 to January 18, 1899, a mere six-month period.   The sheer logistics of doing so is astounding.   An interesting observation  shows there were 2,097 glasses of jellies and preserves sent while only 124 toothbrushes were supplied.   It should be remembered that many items were also hand-made  for example,  a great number of socks, of which 6, 875 pairs were shipped.  Also no count of soap or toilet paper was given.  Perhaps these items were not considered as important as perhaps napkins, of which 120 were sent.




Of Historical Interest

  1. Bradford’s History “of Plimouth Plantation.”  from the original manuscript       Click here to download a digital copy.
  2. Forging the sword:  the story of Camp Devens, New England’s army cantonment
  3. Some Indian Events of New England
  4. History of Northampton, Massachusetts from its settlement in 1654      (Excerpt  concerning raids in Southampton during King George’s French and Indian War.)


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