Town Life

Town Life



Many townspeople have written and published books, memories, histories and poetry.  The works by Southampton authors which are available in our Historical Cabinet to view at the library is listed here. This list is by no means exhaustive, but gives an indication of the breadth and depth of their literary accomplishments. 

Various books, presentations, and memorabilia about Southampton are available for research in our Historical Cabinets.  Please ask a librarian for assistance. 

Listed here are available photographs, VHS tapes and DVDs about Southampton and local areas which may be viewed at the library.  Please ask a librarian for assistance.   

Our library collection and the CWMARS catalog also have many other resources available about Southampton that may be checked out or viewed at other libraries.  

“From Selected Papers from Sylvester Judd Manuscript”

Bride's dowry 1702
Example of a bride’s dowry in 1702.


Of local historical Interest

  1. The History and Romance of Elastic Webbing
  2. Pioneer Valley Railroad:  the competitive alternative
  3. Selected Papers from the Sylvester Judd Manuscript   Excerpts


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