Stories of Life and War


Here are some personal reminisces and extracts from books and articles written by Southampton men and women.  They depict their involvement in the wars of the nation, the town life and also their own personal struggles.  For more written by Southampton natives, please go to  Books Written by Southampton Authors.


  1. In Memoriam:Congregational Church Southampton, Mass. Excerpt.
  2. Southampton Sons of the Ministry Excerpt.
  3. The Old Meeting House Excerpt.
  4. Jonathan Judd, Jr. Diaries Excerpt.
  5. Excerpt concerning raids in Southampton during King George’s French and Indian War
  6. Extracts From “My History of Homesteads” by Samuel L. T. Wright.
  7. Southampton Cornet Band 1875-1933- Excerpt
  8. Old Home Daze – by Dorothy Parsons Howland
  9. Gazeteer of Hampshire County, Mass. 1654-1887 – Excerpts
  10. Selected Papers from the Sylvester Judd Manuscript – Excerpts
  11. Five Years to the Day: a memoir of World War 2 1941-1946 – Excerpts
  12. Lt. Samuel F. Edwards Excerpts and Photographs
  13. History of Southampton Kindergarten
  14. World War Two Through the Eyes of One Marine Veteran
  15. Home From War, With New Resolve (Persian Gulf War)
  16. Remember Pearl Harbor
  17. Ode On a Southampton Librarian
  18. Rev. Henry Luther Edwards, Donor of the Edwards Library – Excerpts
  19. The Way it Was – Excerpts by Harold Myrick



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