In Memoriam: Congregational Church Southampton, Mass.-Excerpt

In Memoriam: Congregational Church Southampton, Mass.
Presented by Miss Caroline Edwards

Mrs. Julia A. Goodrich 

“Weeks and months of suffering were appointed to Mrs. Julia A. Goodrich, when she cheerfully closed her eyes on earth and joined the large number of kindred and friends awaiting her in the land where the weary are at rest.  She was the wife of our Junior Deacon, and had spent the last fifteen years of her life among us.  From the first she interested herself in everything.  Open hearted, open handed, active, cheery, hospitable, specially sympathetic with our shut-ins and bereaved ones.  The cause she knew not she searched out, and gave assistance in many tangible ways.

She had passed through the valley of sorrows and most gratefully did she ever remember the alleviating sympathy and kindness of friends in those dark hours.

Her bright, genial ways made her a general favorite.  She could be counted on to help in every good work..  She was president of our Ladies’ Aid Society at the time of her death – Aug. 7th at the age of 51 she entered into rest.  Of her it may be truly said “She hath done what she could.”

Mrs. Daniel Barnes (nee Almira Pepper)

“Mrs. Daniel Barnes was stricken with apoplexy and departed this life March 2, 1895 having entered her 80th year.

She was Almira Pepper, daughter of Russell and Betsy Pepper, of West Sprinfield.  She spent her married life and her widowhood of 14 years here, a consistent member of our church.

She was a notable housekeeper.  Everything about her premises being kept in exquisite order and neatness. 

Mrs. Barnes was respected and esteemed by those who knew her, and was kindly cared for in her last days by her niece  Mrs. Douglass at whose house she died.”

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