Ode on a Southampton Librarian

Written by Joan Flynn, Trustee
On the occasion of Dorothy Frary’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

Come listen my friends and do not tarry
For I’ve volumes to speak of Dorothy Frary.
To illustrate her varied life
Of trimph, challenge and of strife
I will put forth a few vignettes
Of children, travel and of pets.

She had six children – first the four
Then eight years later, twins she bore.
At Old Home Days as custom goes
They give the youngest child a rose.
So Dick persuaded Dot to go
And bring the twins in careful tow.
They got the flowers – so I’m told
The twins were only ten days old!

Another thing we’ve ne’er forgot
her namesake was a pig called “Dot”
And when said pig got in a jam
I hear that she was quite a ham!

She loves to bake, her only fault
Was mixing sugar up with salt.
The pantry had been cleaned by Dick
‘Twas just pure chance she took a lick.
Within the batting of an eye
She baked another “sugared” pie.

Ogonquit Maine’s her second home
Where it’s been said she’ll widely roam
And eat exotic fishy fare
Octopus, squid and angel hair.

If you pass her driving in the rain
And you cannot quite ascertain
Whether it’s Dorothy – so goes the lore
Her raincoat belt hangs out the door.

Another chapter on her driving
Dorothy’s always strongly striving
To go forward – never back
And may end up in Hackensack.
She knows she’ll finally find her way
Although it may be quite a day!

Her thumb is green
Her smile is wide
Her flowers dot the countryside.
And now we’re here to celebrate 
These twenty years 
They’ve sure been great.
The Children’s Room with tales so scary
And then upstairs there’s Dorothy Frary!

Her wit – her patience
Both a treat
The clutter on her desk – so neat!
She welcomes us and makes us yearn
To be allowed a swift return.
As a matter of record, she’s so nice
She hired Carol Freebourn twice!

So here’s to Dorothy
Three HUGE cheers.
We hope she’ll last a few more years.

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