Julia Crowell Place

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Julia Crowell Place –
Now Herbert and Nancy Waldmann – Maple and High Streets

A Southampton National Register Parcel

In 1853, Edwin Kingsley sold to Josiah A. Gridley one-third acre of land at this location, (151-450).  The deed made no mention of any buildings.  Price $100.

In 1854, J. A. Gridley sold this property to William Page “with buildings” (156-469).

William Page gave a mortgage to Luther Edwards for $80 in 1858 and this mortgage deed reads: “I, William Page of Southampton” and further, “on which my father and mother now live”…

The next transfer was William Page of Northampton to Roswell Hubbard of Hatfield in 1859, (183-186). $290.

It is unlikely that Mr. Hubbard ever lived here as he transferred his interest to Juliette Page, wife of William Page, in the same year of 1859.

The Page family sold out to Sophia Lyman in 1869 for $900, (262-113).  It seems likely that Sophia was the widow of Charles Lyman, a great grandson of Elias Lyman, one of the first settlers in the west part of Southampton.

Sophia Lyman apparently moved to Northampton in 1875 for in that year she sold out to Caleb H. Stickney for $575, (320-171).

The next transfer was Samuel C. Gould from Charles Stickney in 1878.  This transfer deed calls for one-half acre, (342-205).

Samuel C. Gould (wife Lila) to Darwin L. Gillett, one-half acre in 1888 for $1000 (417-463).

In 1909 the heirs of Darwin L. Gillett sold to Robert H. Carrier.  Mr. Carrier’s wife died soon after his purchase, so he only lived here a few months if at all.

Robert H. Carrier sold to Francis S. Ewing in 1909, who apparently bought for investment as he never lived in the house.  He sold to Julia Crowell in 1913, (693-28).

Winifred H. Madsen bought the property of Julia Crowell in 1951, (1097-255).  She bought for investment only, and her son, Douglas, took over the ownership in 1952.  He sold to Charles Cernak in 1953, (1149-313).

Charles Cernak to Herbert Waldmann and wife, 1957.

–From “History of Old Houses” by Atherton Parsons

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