Story of Joel Lyman’s Pig

Taken From “History of the West Part Southampton” 
By S. L. T. Wright

Mr. Lyman did not like to peddle pigs and his neighbor, Israel Searle, did, so Mr. Lyman got Mr. Searle to peddle some large pigs for him.  Among Mr. Lyman’s pigs was one red one.  Mr. Searle started off with the pigs, which were large enough to drive, and made quite a long trip, crossing a river (I have forgotten whether the Westfield or Conn., but think the Conn.)  in a boat.  Not far beyond the river he sold the red pig.  The pig escaped from the pen in which he was placed, and a few days later, when Mr. Lyman went out to his pigpen, he found his pig had returned home.  The pig never told how he got home, and I cannot tell, but I have the story from good authority and it is not doubt substantially correct.


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