Miss Margaret Zoudlick – Pomeroy Meadow Road

Miss Margaret Zoudlick – Pomeroy Meadow Road
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This house both inside and out gives the appearance of being a very old house, but kept in excellent repair.  There  seems no records available by which the exact date of construction can be determined, but it should be considered one of the oldest houses in Southampton.  It is situated in what was called Lower Pomeroy’s Meadow.  One item in the Pomeroy Genealogy states that Caleb Pomeroy moved from Northampton to what is now Southampton or Easthampton in 1686.  It also stated that Pomeroy’s Mountain, Pomeroy’s Ford, and Pomeroy’s Meadow were named for him.  There is no doubt that some Pomeroy families settled in what is now Southampton some years before 1730.

Caleb Pomeroy’s parents (Eltweed and Marjorie Sockett Pomeroy[)] came to this country in 1630 on the ship “Mary and John.”  They landed at Matapan, and helped to lay out the town of Dorchester.  Later, Eltweed and his wife moved to Windsor, Conneticut, (sic) and from there to Northampton, Massachusetts.

Just where Caleb Pomeroy settled in Easthampton or Southampton can not now be determined, but in his will he left land in Southampton to two of his sons–Samuel and Eldad.  Eldad lived in Southampton at or near the homestead which is the subject of this sketch.  Eldad Pomeroy or his son, Elisha, may have built the present house.  Elisha Pomeroy was born in 1719 and married Mercy Searle (daughter of Nathaniel and Priscilla Searle) in 1743.  They had ten children: Mercy (who lived only a year), Elisha, Mercy, Jacob, Isaac, Jemima, Hannah, Huldah, Asahel, and Priscilla.

Elisha Pomeroy’s will, probated in 1801, gave this property to his son Isaac who was born August 14, 1753.  Isaac Pomeroy married Deborah Torrey, daughter of Joseph Torrey and Silence French on January 18, 1781.  Deborah died 1802, and Isaac married (2) in 1803, widow Irene Parks (born 1763, died 1836).  Isaac and Deborah Pomeroy had eight children; Isaac. Luther, Rev. Rufus, Deborah, Oliver–who died young, Moses–also died young, another Moses and Argalus.  Isaac and his second wife Irene had one child, Oliver, who died in 1810–age 5.  Isaac died in 1836 and his son Argalus inherited the property.

Argalus Pomeroy was born January 13, 1796, and married, May 17, 1820, Sarah Thorpe, born 1799 and died 1850.  She was a daughter of Thomas Thorpe and Esther Bartlett.  Argalus married (2) 1851 Emily Park–born 1802 and died 1874.  Argalus and Sarah had two sons, Isaac born 1821 died 1843, and Jerome Judson Pomeroy born September 22, 1826.

Jerome received the property by deed from his step-mother, Emily Park Pomeroy, in 1862.  He had married, 1849, Mary Jane Avery–born 1827, daughter of Richard Avery and Mercy Hutchinson.  They had two children, Jennie and Cora.  Jennie Pomeroy, born 1853 married, 1881, Lyman Alson Harrington (born 1850) who received the property by deed from his father-in-law, Jerome Pomeroy.  Lyman Harrington is remembered by many people living in Southampton today and the breeder of Morgan horses and he also owned a big grain thresher with which he harvested his own and his neighbor’s grains, particularly rye.

In 1910 Lyman Harrington sold this property to Abner E. and Luman O. Peck, and Pecks sold the house, two barns, and part of the land to Wencel F. Zoudlick in 1911.  When Wencel knew he was to be inducted into the army near the end of World War I, he deeded the property to his parents, Frank V. and Anna (Linhart) Zoudlick.  They both died in 1926, and Wencel lived there with his sister, Margaret, until he died in 1960.

It is now the home of Margaret C. Zoudlick, retired, who taught in the schools of Southampton for forty-four years.

–From “A History of Old Houses” by Atherton Parsons

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