James H. and Myrtle C. Parker – East Street

James H. and Myrtle C. Parker – East Street 
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A Southampton National Register Parcel

This property with adjoining land was owned by Waitstill Strong in 1733.  By 1866 it belonged to Harris Nimocks.  Harris Nimocks sold the land where this house stands to Albert Atkins in 1879.  Probably Albert Atkins built the house either in that year or the next.  Mr. Atkins had accumulated considerable property in the lumber business and in real estate speculation.  He had lived originally on the Joel Clark Farm (now Charles Goebel’s) in the West Part of town; later, at other locations.  However, he built this house for his two unmarried sisters, Jane and Emeline Atkins.  Emeline died in 1887 age 76, but Jane live until July 1904, age 90.

Leon Treat was the next owner, buying it in 1906 and he sold it in 1911 to Harry Nelson.  Not much information is available of either the Treat or Nelson family.

Maria Pittsinger bought the property in 1921 from Wilfred J. Lyman, guardian of Harriet Nelson, “$500 with buildings thereon”.  Maria and her husband William Pittsinger had sometime previously lived on the farm now owned by Henry Boyle.

In 1924, Maria Pittsinger transferred the property to her daughter Alice M. Phipps “reserving right to use, enjoy, and remain on these premises with my husband William E. Pittsinger during the term of our natural lives”.  William Pitttsinger died in 1926.

James H. Parker bought the property from Alice M. Phipps and Maria Pittsinger in 1927 (839-155).  He was unmarried at the time and Miss Florence Hannum kept house for him and his brother, Alexander.  Miss Hannum died 12-2-1946 at the age of 86.

James H. Parker married Myrtle Carroll in 1932.  he worked on the bridge gang for the New York, New Haven Railroad for many years until he retired in 1962.  Alexander Parker married Ruth Carroll during the World War II.  James and Myrtle Parker have one son, James D. Parker who married Barbara LeClerc, the daughter of William and Wilhelmine (Garstka) LeClerc.  James and Barbara lived here for about a year, but recently guilt a new house on Strong Road.

–From “History of Old Houses” by Atherton Parsons

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