Ida Olds David Residence – College Highway

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The first settler on this place was Nathan Lyman, the son of John (son of Richard).  Nathan was born in Northampton in 1706, married Sarah Webb in 1733 and settled here the same year.  Nathan and Sarah had no children, but a nephew of Nathan’s, namely John Lyman came to take care of them.  Sarah Lyman died in 1778 and Nathan Lyman died in 1784.

John Lyman (known as Deacon Lyman) was born in 1733 at Fort Dummer, Brattleboro.  He married Martha Hannum, daughter of Eleazer Hannum in 1759.  they had seven children.  The fourth child born in 1869 was John Jr., (later known as Major John Lyman).  In 1796 John married Eunice Ely of West Springfield. He died in 1847.

The seventh child of Deacon John Lyman was Asa, born in 1778.  He married Charity Burt in 1810 and they had five children.  Their first child was Samuel (born in 1811), who married Lucretia Burt in 1831.  Samuel Lyman Jr. was the last of Lyman family to live on this farm.  He sold the property to Samuel Loomis in 1856, (164-500).

The Samuel Loomis family lived here briefly and sold to Josiah D. Clark, also in 1856.  Josiah Clark died in 1870 and his heirs (Elbert Clark, Clara E. Clapp and others) sold to Albro Miller in 1871.

Albro Miller in 1872 sold to Lucian Hayden.  Frank Hayden, who inherited the property from his father Lucian, gave a mortgage deed to Albert Atkins.  Mr. Atkins sold to Enoch and Rachel Olds in 1887 (411-193).  Charles and Carrie Olds inherited the property from Charles’ parents, Enoch and Rachel.  Charles and Carrie had two children, Edson and Ida who become the next owners.  The original large colonial house burned Sept. 26, 1930.  Ida Olds married George E. David of Easthampton and they, with Ida’s brother, Edson, built a handsome, large new house north of where the old house stood.  Edson Olds died in 1956.

In 1963 George and Ida David sold 82 acres of the old farm to Almer Huntley Jr., reserving the house, all other buildings and several acres of land.  Also they had previously sold three building lots fronting on Pomeroy Meadow Road.  Houses were built on these lots and they are now owned by Samuel J. Kendrick, Robert S. Coleman and Mrs. Shirley (Loomis) Routhier.  George E. David died in 1964.

–From”History of Old Houses”  by Atherton Parsons

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