House on East St. – Owned by Theodore L. Hendrick

Former Residence of W. J. Lyman
(No photograph available)

A Southampton National Register Parcel

In 1833 (71-310) Sheldon Bascom sold to Josiah A. Gridley the following described parcel of land.  Beginning at the south west corner of the homestead of J. A. Gridley on the highway.  Running northerly on said Gridley about 30 rods, easterly on said Gridley and heirs of Dotus Strong (Walter Howland’s) to Elihu Warner (Clarence Tolson Jr.).  Northerly on Warner to Elihu Brown’s land (Clyde  Connor) westerly on Mr. Brown to Timothy Clark (Clem Burr).  Southerly on Clark to Asahel Birge (Mrs. Nichols), easterly in Birge 8 rods to a stake and stones, southerly on Birge to highway, easterly on highway to first bounds.

Many years later Josiah A. Gridley apparently sold the north part of this land to Silas Sheldon, then in 5-5-1870 he sold the part nearest the highway to Edward Swan, a speculator.  Swan sold it 9-20-1871 to Morris Wolcott who started to build a house here but he died before completing it.  Date of his death is given as 11-18-1872 and that of his wife (Dorcas H. Clapp) 12-3-1873.  Their son George M. was killed in the Civil war.  Mrs. Mary S. Ranger bought this unfinished house and the land from Lewis Hannum, administrator of the estate of Morris Wolcott in 1874 (313-116).  She completed the house and lived here many years with her daughters, Lilla and Emma, with Emma’s husband Wilfred J. Lyman.

Theodore and wife Maxine (Frost) Hendrick bought this property in 1959 from the estate of Mary Ranger (1292-204).

They bought for investment as they do not plan to live here.  Mr. Hendrick modernized the house and has rented it to various families.  It had been converted in 1884 from a one to a two family house by adding two rooms upstairs which were originally the attic.  According to old records this work was done by A. R. Root and some by George Gorton.

–From “History of Old Houses” by Atherton Parsons

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