George S. and Erma M. Veighey – College Highway

George S. and Erma M. Veighey – College Highway
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Paul Chapman (son of David and Abigal Willett Chapman) is the first recorded owner of a house at this location.  He bought the land from Elisha Edwards and probably built the house about the time of his marriage, 1799, to Ruth Pomeroy (daughter of Elijah and Ruth Phelps Pomeroy).  They had five children, one dying young.  The four who grew up were: (1) Sardis, born 1803, married 1827 to Dolly Searle; (2) Tamison born 1805 married 1845 to Hiram Randolph; (3) Mahlon born 1807; trained to be a minister but died age 28; (4) Alvin, became a doctor and practiced medicine in the south.  Paul Chapman was a tanner and shoemaker.  After his wife, Ruth, died in 1810 at the age of 33, Paul Chapman sold the property to James Blair, who immediately resold it to Perez Clapp and Jonathon Judd, Jr. (31-45) for $710.  This deed mentions dwelling, tan house, and vats.

Luther Colton was the next owner buying it from Perez Clapp and Jonathon Judd, Jr. , November 17, 1810 for $714.  Luther Colton at a later date was a son-in-law of Perez Clapp, having married his daughter, Jane.

During the years 1815-1852 the property was owned successively by Cyrus Chapin, Elisha Marsh, Abigal Sheldon, James K. Sheldon, Franklin Bliss, several members of the Bagg family and Mary Frary.  Caroline Edwards writes that a Mr. Perure lived here and also Atwater Street.  They may have been renters, dates unknown.  Apparently a tannery and bark mill was operated here for many years.  The property must have depreciated considerably by the year 1889 when Kelen* K. Hitchcock bought it for $300 (428-468).

Julia Quigley was the next owner buying it in 1895 from Helen K. Hitchcock.  Julia A. Quigley was the widow of Lawrence Quigley who died in Westfield, 1886, age 34.  Lawrence and Julia (Bartlett) Quigley had four children: Dora, Hugh, Grace, and Bertha.  Hugh married Fanny Bosworth and lived for many years in a house owned by Edward K. Parsons near his saw mill.  Their children were Elsie, Kennard, Mildren, Doris and Adelbert.  Grace Quigley, daughter of Lawrence and Julia Quigley, married Dwight Bidwell and moved to Tennessee later to Bloomfield Conneticut (sic).  Her sister Berta married a Mr. French and lived in Worcester.

Dora Quigley, postmistress in Southampton for many years, did not marry, and stayed here with her mother.  She took title to this property from her mother, Julia A. Quigley, October 9, 1915 (715-213).  Julia Quigley died in 1918.

George M. Reynolds bought the property from Dora E. Quigley in 1918 (740-180).

In 1919, Edmund I. and Bertha M. Hutchinson bought from George M. Reynolds.  Edmund Hutchinson was a carpenter.  They had three children; Kenneth, Beatrice, and Harold.  Kenneth married Hope Knapp, lived in several different houses in Southampton and Goshen, and now they live in Florida.  Beatrice married Walter Howland from Conway, and now they live on Elm Street.  Harold Hutchinson married Gertrude Linko and they lived here on this property from 1937-1946.  They now live in a house built on Main Street.  When Edmund Hutchinson first lived here he did a good deal of work fixing up the house, as well as putting on an addition.  While he and his son Harold were doing some excavating just south of the house they uncovered one of the old vats (about 2′ x 4′) used in tanning hides for leather.  Edmund Hutchinson died in 1928.

Oliver Press, an electrician, and his wife, Eleanor, bought this property form (sic) Bertha M. Hutchinson in 1945 (995-175).  They have two daughters, Patricia A. and Louise.

In 1958, The George S. Veighey family acquired the property from Oliver and Eleanor Press (1273-132).

*Likely a typo (Helen)

From–“A History of Old Houses” by Atherton Parsons

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