Ethel A. Tiffany’s Residence – High Street



Wolcott-Tiffany House - 68 High St. Built 1813. Charlotte Tiffany pictured.
Wolcott-Tiffany House – 68 High St. Built 1813. Charlotte Tiffany pictured.

Ethel A. Tiffany’s Residence – High Street

A Southampton National Register Parcel

The land where this house stands was owned by Phineas King in the 1730’s.  The next owner was Douglas King, son of Phineas, and in 1807 Douglas King sold it to Lemon Gridley (27-95), the acreage in the above transactions was fifty-five acres.

In 1813 Stephen Wolcott bought 1 1/4 acres (34-534) of this land from Lemon Gridley for $62.50. Mr. Wilcott built a set of buildings here, but just how soon after 1831 is not known.  However, it seems reasonable to assume that he did not long delay as he already had a family.   He had married Lucy Strong of Northampton in 1804.  They had ten children between 1806 and 1829.  The first two were Isaac Stebbins Wolcott who married Eliza Rust in 1829, and Triphena Bush Wolcott who married Ethan Sheldon in 1829.

Lysander B. Bates bought this property from Stephen Wolcott in 1836, (77-72).  Mr. Bates married Electa A. Moore in 1833 and they had nine children, several of whom settled in Southampton.  One of their sons was Lysander Bates, Jr. who later lived where Douglas Madsen now lives.  Mr. Bates was a carpenter and joiner and he moved to Westfield after selling the property to Edward Swan in 1864 (220-403).

Lyman C. Tiffany bought it from Edward Swan in 1868 (225-194).  Mr. Tiffany was the son of Eleazer and Pauline (Bates) Tiffany, born Oct. 9, 1826.  He married Charlotte Amy Talcot in Manchester, Conn. June 1, 1852.  She was born in Bolton, Conn., Sept. 28, 1828 and died May 17, 1903.  Lyman C. Tiffany was a prominent man in Southampton having been sent as a representative to the General Court in Boston in 1861.  He was a member of the Board of Selectmen in 1875-1878, and possibly other years.  He was a whip maker, having a shop standing somewhat south of the other buildings.  The two children of Lyman and Charlotte were Charles and Ella.  Ella did not marry but lived here all her life.  She was a newspaper correspondent for many years.

Charles Tiffany was born Aug. 23, 1858 and married Kate Gleson July 1, 1879.  Kate was born in Boston April 15, 1857, and she died Oct. 25, 1945.  Charles died Feb. 7, 1933.

Charles and Kate had one daughter, Ethel, who now lives alone on this place where her family has lived for nearly 100 years. 

–From “History of Old Houses” by Atherton Parsons

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