Clarence and Barbara Tolson, Jr. – Elm Street

Clarence Tolson, Jr. Openshaw - Tolson - Matthews. Elm St.
Clarence Tolson, Jr. Openshaw – Tolson – Matthews. Elm St.


Clarence and Barbara Tolson, Jr. – Elm Street

A Southampton National Register Parcel


This property was owned by Moses Danks Jr.  It is probable that he inherited it from his father, Moses Danks, a son of Samuel Danks, one of the first settlers in Southampton.  So it is likely that the first Moses may have built a house here when he married Esther Loomis in 1777.

Moses Danks Jr born in 1778 married Tamar Porter in 1808 – no children.  He was killed by a fall at a house raising on Bedlam (now Pleasant) Street, Aug. 27, 1822.

The administration of his estate arranged for his widow, Tamar, a life use of part of the house and part of the land.

Elihu Warner in 1824 bought that part of the house and land not reserved for the use of Tamar Danks from Luke Parsons Jr. for $190 (53-103).  Elihu Warner died about 1852 and his widow, Clarissa, sold the property to Joel Lyman in 1854 (156-373).

Sarah E. Lyman, heir of Joel Lyman died when she was 20 years old, about 1870.  Her heirs, Samuel S. Morse  and Evelyn A. Sheldon, sold to Sarah B. Strong (wife of William Virgil Strong) in 1873 (301-425).

Sarah B. Strong sold to Isaac Allen in 1884 and he sold to Charles T. Goodrich in 1895 (516-309).

Mr. Goodwich (sic) sold to Mary Jane Finch in 1906 (608-273) and when she died the executor of her estate, J. J. Lyman, sold to Faunce Moore in 1919.

Next owner was John J. McElligott from 1931 (872-119) to 1941 when he sold to Dorothy Openshaw (962-483).

Clarence M Tolson Jr. bought the buildings and 2 3/4 acres of land from Mrs. Openshaw in 1962 (1377-294).  The remainder of the land was sold to John Baraniuk.

–From “History of Old Houses” by Atherton Parsons

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