Adolph Maslowski – Brickyard Road

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This house is on Brickyard Road about 300 feet west of the Railroad tracks (first crossing going in from Mill Pond).

Simeon Sheldon built this house in 1850.

Simeon never lived here, but his son, James, did until 1855.

Simeon Sheldon sold this place to his sons James and Henry S., March 29, 1852.  James Sheldon sold his share to Henry S. Sheldon in 1853 (149-334).

After Henry Sheldon’s marriage, or up until about 1865, he lived on the Chauncey Clapp farm; then he lived here.

Henry S. Sheldon to Adolph Peter Klopfenstein 1911 (673-327).  Anna Klopfenstein to Mrs. Anna Maslowski in 1922.  Adolph and Anna Maslowski had three sons, Mitchell, John and Anthony.  Mrs. Anna Maslowski died Jan. 17, 1962.  Adolph Maslowski and his son Anthony now (1966) live on the place.

This farm was the homestead of Stephen Sheldon in 1737.  The original red house was several hundred feet north east of the present house.  This first house burned around 1912 and the cellar hole may still be seen just north east of the railroad crossing.  Stephen Sheldon died in 1781, age 72.  His son Ebenezer Sheldon married in 1763, took over the farm.  Ebenezer died in 1804.

There used to be a windmill on this farm that could be heard creaking for some distance.  This mill was a great worker, in that it was used to pump water, grind grain, saw wood, and turn a wood working machine.

–From “History of Old Houses” by Atherton Parsons

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