Howes Brothers’ Photographs

Howes Brothers’ Photographs
Book 1

Listed below are pictures taken in Southampton by the Howes Brothers.  The names of the people in these pictures are also listed, if known, as well as any definitive information that has been obtained about the place.  Follow the links to view the picture or read more about each location as described in “The History of Old Houses” by Atherton Parsons. 


1 Hughes-Formerly Truehart’s Garden Center House, 23 College Highway, pictured?
2 Dobridnio-Slowikowski, 36 College Highway, burned-rebuilt, pictured?
3 Coleman-Perry, 38 College Highway, built 1805, pictured?
4 Coleman-Perry Farm, pictured-Dwight Coleman w/oxen, 38 College Highway
5 Frank Hannum-Golash, 64 College Highway
6 Pittsinger-Kaleta-Bayle, 119 College Highway, burned and rebuilt, (Nathan Lyman Riverdale?),
7 Barney Witherall-Szczypta, 68 College Highway corner Glendale, pictured?
8 Slattery-DeDerduader, 80 College Highway, removed to Woodstock CT and restored 1976, pictured?
9 Hannum-Golash, pictured-Hannums Family, Frank (standing), Hatti, and Ellen, 64 College Highway
10 Banas-Trading Post Corner, 168 College Highway corner Pomeroy Meadow Rd., burned 1969. Pictured-Mrs. Crowell, Agnes, and Florence
11 Kingsley-Rathbun-Conant, 181 College Highway, (pictured-Frank Conant?)
12 Tyler-Miles, 202 College Highway, (Lewis Hannum Main St.?), pictured?
13 #1 School-Firestation, 204 College Highway, built 1863, pictured?
14 William Boyd House, 217 College Highway, burned 1914-rebuilt, (Billy Boyd-Don Madsen?),
15 Lyman and Boyd Store-Madsen Insurance, 211 College Highway, pictured-Frank Boyd and Stephen Lyman
16 Phineas King-Searle, 216 College Highway, built 1807, moved and rebuilt (rear of lot),
(L. Gridley?), pictured?
17 Madsen Grain Store-Lawn Manicure Garage, 218 College Highway-rear house, background grain store and ice house, pictured?
18 Graves-Murphy, 219 College Highway, burned 1915-rebuilt, pictured?
19 Lora Paine-Wayne Real Estate, 220 College Highway corner Center, burned 1926-rebuilt, pictured?
20 Bell-Maslowski, 221 College Highway, burned 1915-rebuilt, pictured?
21 Congregational Church Parsonage, 222 College Highway, built 1841, pictured?
22 Fred Sherman-op. Library, 224 College Highway, burned 1915-rebuilt, 2-family house, pictured?
23 Carrier-Gosselin, 228 College Highway, sitting-Sadie Carrier, other pictured?
24 Ashael Chapman-Howland, 230 College Highway, built 1797, pictured-Florence or Edith Lyon
25 Ed Clark-Paley, 231 College Highway, built 1805, pictured-Healy girls
26 Sardis Chapman-George Clark, Clark-Chapman House-Southampton Historical Society, 234
College Highway, built 1827, pictured-Grace Spooner
27 Abner Peck-Pendergast, 242 College Highway, pictured-Dolly Searle Allen and Edith Peck Sherwood
28 Loomis-Sadlowski House, 243 College Highway, pictured?
29 Wolcott-Lowe, (Herb Lowe?), 254 College Highway, built 1845, pictured?
30 Gorton-Delisio, 271 College Highway, pictured?
31 Red Mill on Mill Pond, Lyons-Stone-Howland, 285 College Highway, pictured?
32 Lockville Hotel, Stone-Howland, built 1828, 286 College Highway, pictured?
33 Strong-Martin Norris Farm, 306 College Highway, pictured?
34 Larger view of Strong-Martin Norris Farm, 306 College Highway, barn burned 1948, pictured?
35 Gad Lyman-Safranka/Sefranka 324 College Highway, opposite golf course, built 1822, pictured-
Ferrier family
36 Chas Lyman-Booth House, Lyman-golf course property, 339 College Highway, pictured-Lymans,
Harold, Etta, Hazel, Mrs. C.B., Chas L.
37 Sholl-Carney, 379 College Highway, burned 1911, pictured-Sholl family
38 Sholl Family-children, back from left to right-Henry, Katherine, Gertrude, front from left to right-baby
John, Christine, Phillip, parents?, came from Austria approx. 1895
39 Majka-Wing, 415 College Highway, pictured-Chas Hastings?, (Earl Wing?)
40 Ranger-Weingart, 423 College Highway, pictured?
41 Douglas-Miller House, 10 Douglas Road off College Highway near Westfield line, pictured?
42 Broad view of Douglas-Miller property, 10 Douglas Road near Westfield line, pictured?
43 Portrait of Wilfred Parsons and Dorothy Parsons Howland, 106 Clark Street
44 153 Pomeroy Meadow Rd., Flanagan-Kowal, pictured?
45 Pomeroy-Green-Robbins, 176 Pomeroy Meadow Road, pictured?
46 North Part School House #2, 121 Pomeroy Meadow Rd. corner Glendale, moved to Conant Park 1975
by Historical Commission, list of students on back?, teacher-Florence Hannum
47 Fowles-Fisher-Merritt, (Chas Fisher House?), 43 Pomeroy Meadow Rd., restored by Chas Fisher,
48 Hannum-Beach-Konopka House, 59 Pomeroy Meadow Rd., pictured?
49 Fowles-Popielarz, (Bunny Fowles House?), 38 Pomeroy Meadow Rd., pictured?
50 Frary-Parsons, (Atherton Parson House?), 17 Pomeroy Meadow Rd., pictured-Arthur Frary, Frank
Frary, Pocohontas Frary (horse or dog?)
51 Weeks-Clarence Hannum House, 51 Pomeroy Meadow Rd., pictured-George Foley, Austin Weeks
52 N(athan) Lyman-Mitchell-Rabidue, 9 Riverdale Rd., pictured?
53 Wolcott-Lohr, 66 Wolcott Rd., pictured?
54 Frary-White, 3 Rattle Hill Rd. corner Wolcott, burned-new house, pictured?
55 Evans, 43 Rattle Hill Rd., burned 1934, pictured?
56 Bushey-Dave Johnston-Peer, 43 Rattle Hill Rd., burned and rebuilt, pictured?
57 Marcyoniak, 50 Coleman Rd., people-Paul Schmidt, Frank Uneus, woman?
58 Yamilkowski-Malo, 4 Coleman Rd., pictured-Flora Lyman Jones
59 Lobudek, 37 White Loaf Road, pictured?
60 Waite-Hall-Piper, 63 Gunn Road
61 (Camp)-Sudnick-Althoff, 20 Gunn Road, pictured?
62 Broad view Wolcott-Lohr property, 66 Wolcott Rd., pictured?
63 Maria Lyman-Derosiers-(Brown?), 11 Fomer Rd., pictured-Maria Lyman?
64 Madsen-(Elwyn?) Fowles farm, 11 Gunn Road, pictured?
65 Elliot-Lownds, 33 Gunn Road, pictured?
66 Stephen Derewicki, 60 Gunn Road, burned 1934-rebuilt, pictured?
67 Waite-Hall-Piper, 63 Gunn Road, pictured?
68 Ingalls Blacksmith Shop-now Hall’s farm/barn, 7 Center Street, built 1879, pictured-A.H. Ingalls,
blacksmith, blacksmith shop built by Fred Warner, now Delbert Hall place
69 (Wolcott?)-Clark-Lambert House, Issac Wolcott House, 9 Center Street, built 1834, pictured?,
1971-owned by the Lamberts
70 Clarence-Bill Gunn, 94 Pleasant (Bedlam) St., burned 1948-rebuilt
71 Bedlam School #3, 93 Pleasant St. (Bedlam), opposite Bill Gunn’s corner Gunn Rd., pictured?
72 Broad view of Bedlam School #3, moved to Park St. Easthampton
73 Approx. 60 Pleasant (Bedlam) St., unknown
74 Searle-Brown, 74 Pleasant St. (Bedlam), burned-rebuilt
75 Gideon Searle-Arthur Gunn-Stull House, 45 Pleasant St. (Bedlam), torn down-rebuilt
76 Nimocks-E. Bashista, 53 Pleasant Street (Bedlam), built 1842
77 A. Pomeroy-Kleeberg, 190 Pomeroy Meadow Rd., built 1856, pictured?
78 E. Pomeroy-rented, 210 Pomeroy Meadow Rd., burned and rebuilt, pictured?
79 Hopni Searle-Chapman-Goodniss, 24 Pleasant Street (Bedlam), built 1833, pictured?
80 Wharton Searle-Girard, 30 Pleasant St. (Bedlam), pictured-Anthony Zavorski and son Maryane (?)
81 Chevallier-Johnson-O’Conner Farm, 20 Pleasant St. (Bedlam), pictured-possibly Lilla Frary (standing),
Melissa Frary (sitting), Charles Frary (standing), Arthur Frary (lying)
82 Bert Chapman-Goodniss House, 24 Pleasant (Bedlam) St., pictured?
83 Miller-Popielarski, 40 Miller Rd., rebuilt, pictured?
84 William S. Roger House, 105 Pomeroy Meadow Rd., built 1848, burned 1919, pictured?
85 Banner-Johnson, 50 Rattle Hill Rd., burned 1904-stone house built, pictured?
86 Anderson-Banner, 61 Rattle Hill Rd., partially burned and rebuilt, pictured?
87 Oliver Clark Jr.-Hendrick, 52 Cold Spring Rd., built 1793, pictured?
88 Jesse Finch place, 73 Glendale Rd. corner Cold Spring Rd., burned 1927, pictured?
89 Symmonds, 29 Lead Mine Road, burned 1928, pictured?
90 Stebbins-Bliss, 44 Lead Mine Road, pictured?
91 See #88, Jesse was a blacksmith with a shop around the corner next to the North Part School,
Boleslav Perzan & Stanley Ruszczyk to John Frederick Schumenn-1923, J.F. Schuman(sp?) to
Bessie Rice-1926, pictured Jesse Finch?
92 Kingsley-Raymond farm, 145 Glendale Road, pictured-“Kingsley Sisters” (names?)
93 Ewing-Fournier Farm, 170 Glendale Road, pictured?
94 See #93
95 Dunford-Bernier, 178 Glendale Road Glendale Village, pictured-Kuhn family (names?)
96 Glendale Shop workers, pictured?
97 Mill at Glendale Village, 181 Glendale Road, Elastics Fabric Co. 1859-1863, Silk Mill 1873-1884,
Easthampton Elastic Web 1885-1912, Metro Engineering-


Book 2

Photograph Number   Title
98   Atkins-Plaza House, 12 East Street, sitting-Mrs. George Clark (Sarah Jones)
99   Caroline Edwards-Blanchette (Clem Burr House?), 13 East St., built 1893, pictured?
100   Joseph Gaskill/Graskill-Brown House, 14 East St., built 1884
101   Birge-(Carl) Duso House, 15 East Street, moved to make room for Sheldon Academy, built 1772, pictured?
102   Dr. Gridley-Richard “Dick” Frary House, 19 East Street, pictured-Mrs. Myra Gridley Wood
103   Methodist Parsonage-(Clarence) Tolson (Sr.)-Powers House, 21 East Street, built 1883, pictured?
104   Jonathan Judd-Clackson-(Bressler?) House, 27 East Street (Elm and East Streets?), built 1803, pictured?
105   Steven Clapp-Kingsley, 41 East Street west of tracks, pictured-Mrs. Flora Sheldon Kingsley, Florence
Burton, Alfred (Burton?), Harry Burton
106   Wolcott-Walter Howland, 3 Elm Street, built 1800-rebuilt, called the “Boarding House”, pictured?
107   Openshaw-Tolson-Matthews, 7 Elm Street, pictured?
108   Brewer-Champagne/Champaign House, 11 Elm Street, pictured?
109   Broader front view Brewer-Champagne, 11 Elm Street, pictured?
110   Rev. Jonathan Judd-(Henry?) Hatch, 12 Maple Street, pictured?
111   Front view of Rev. Jonathan Judd-(Henry?) Hatch House, 12 Maple Street, pictured?
112   Pettis-Kaleta, 7 Maple Street, pictured-Mrs. Chas. Pettis, Florence, Edward, Ruth (Judd)
113   Harold Norton-Osborn, 11 Maple Street, rear of Sheldon School, pictured?
114   Otis Clapp’s Wagon Shop later Gramp (Chas?) Tyler’s tenament house, Maple Street-in triangle, rear
Sheldon Academy, number?, pictured?
115   Pettis-Young Blacksmith Shop, 4 Maple Street, rear Sheldon Academy, pictured?
116   Jimmy Dugan place, Upper (70) Maple Street, gone
117   Gib Hall-Fontaine, 80 Maple Street, burned, pictured?
118   Abner Peck and Henry Healy’s Sawmill, Crooked Ledge or Maple St., number?, pictured?
119   Abner Peck and Henry Healy’s Sawmill, Crooked Ledge or Maple St.
120   Sheldon-Puza, 40 High Street corner Maple, pictured?
121   Gridley-Crowell-Tinger, 43 High Street corner Maple St., built 1853, pictured?
122   Norris House, 73 High Street, rebuilt 192_, pictured?
123   Dana Howland-Wayne, 83 High Street, burned and rebuilt, pictured?
124   Wolcott-Tiffany, 68 High Street, built 1813, pictured-Charlotte Tiffany
125   Poler-Buczala, 60 High Street, pictured?
126   E.K. Parsons-Seeley, 46 High Street, burned 1940-rebuilt
127   Canal Warehouse-Goral, 100 Brickyard Rd. corner College Highway, built 1832